Core Specialties
Core Specialties

At Xylogenics, we draw from our vast experience in genetics, molecular biology, and fermentation to deliver value added services and products that create exceptional value for our customers.


Xylogenics scientists possess deep expertise in applying molecular, cellular, and in-silico tools to acquire and compare yeast genomes. We leverage that new information for developing and selecting optimal yeasts for our processes or our customer’s needs.


The Xylogenics team has the experience to take a project from custom yeast design to scale-up and commercialization with expediency. Xylogenics values relationships with its partners and desires to be the preferred partner for custom yeast projects and consulting. We will apply excellence in all aspects of the R&D and commercialization process.

Enzyme & Fermentation Expertise

Xylogenics scientists have world-class depth and breadth in the field of yeast fermentation research. We take advantage of our knowledge of enzymes, carbohydrates, and metabolism to design superior fermentations.