About Xylogenics
About Xylogenics
  • Purpose

    To deliver bio-based solutions to eco-friendly chemical markets.

  • Mission

    To apply our knowledge of systems biology to optimize yeast for commercial processes in the bio-based chemical market.

Our Vision
Our Vision

We responsibly apply synthetic biology to create valuable and innovative products that enable sustainable chemical production.

Why Yeast?
Man knows yeast, we know yeast, and commercial processes use yeast.

Humankind has been conducting fermentations for over 3000 years. Yeast’s robustness, consistency, and scalability make it an ideal platform for producing high value proteins and chemicals. Additionally vast improvements in yeast genetics and fermentation analytics are now at our disposal. Xylogenics has developed a robust, scalable, and established yeast expression system to meet the ever increasing needs of humankind.