Xylogenics Maltose Cold Cook Patent Published

July 2019

INDIANAPOLIS, IN- Indiana-based Xylogenics announced today that it publicly filed its patent- Production of Ethanol from Mixtures that Include Di and Tri-Saccharides Formed at low Temperatures on July 4th, 2019.  This patent is a method patent covering the development of a process for fuel ethanol production at low temperatures without gluco-amylase.  This technology combined with Xylogenics’ yeast strains are the foundation of Xylogenics SyMMETRRY platform.  The SyMMETRRY platform delivers superior fermentation performance today and will serve as the platform for a host of new technologies that will drive down the cost to produce bio-based chemicals tomorrow.  Xylogenics latest patent can be searched under publication number US-2019-0203233-A1.  

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